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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Increased Design Flexibility: Deltabeam Project in Burlington ON

"We went from a few Deltabeams on our first project to over 200 beams on our second" explains Bill Fick from Gray & Fick engineers. "Together with Schlegel Holdings and Cornerstone Architecture, we decided to replace concrete walls with Deltabeam to have a totally flexible concept" Bill adds.
The Deltabeam system is being used for the second time in Burlington ON. It’s also being used for the second time by Schlegel Holdings, a private holding company based out of Kitchener. The Village of Tansley Woods incorporates wide open spaces of up to 22 meters (72’), cantilevered Deltabeams and an integrated 2 hour fire rating with exposed steel.
Deltabeams are on average 7 meters long (23’), hollow core slabs are on average 11 meters long (36’) making the average bay size 7 X 11. Deltabeam being integrated within the slab depth, a 22 meter unobstructed span is possible from one side of Deltabeam to the other (2 X 11 meters).

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Stakeholders on the project:

Schlegel Holdings

Gray & Fick Consulting Structural Engineers

Cornerstone Architecture

Oscar construction: general contractor

Alder construction: formwork contractor

Peikko Project Engineer: Pascale Cantin