Slim Floor Structures

Slim Floor Structures



Tuesday, May 23, 2017


10  Years of History in the Making

Peikko Canada started with one young man’s dream of introducing pre-fabricated slim floor solutions to the North American market.

In 2005, while studying in Europe, Dominic Lemieux came across a revolutionary product that would change his life: Deltabeam®. What struck him most was how quickly this system could be erected and how much money could be saved thanks to this product. He also realized that this type of structure would be perfect for Canada’s cold climate as most of the system is prefabricated and installation onsite is similar to assembling a LEGO® set. 

When Dominic Lemieux learnt that this composite beam was manufactured in Finland by a family-owned company called Peikko, he expressed his interest in introducing Deltabeam® to the Canadian market and a deal was made. After completing an engineering internship at Peikko in Finland as well as a bachelor’s degree in Montreal, Peikko Canada’s “one man show” started on May 22nd, 2007.

In 2008, a first two-storey Deltabeam® project was in the works. A second 5-storey project took place soon after and then came Renaissance II in Ontario, a 28-story project which boosted decision makers’ confidence level to choose Peikko in over 100 projects across Canada. 

The key to Peikko Canada’s success? One man’s boundless optimism and firm belief in Peikko product benefits as well as a dedicated team of professionals with a strong sense of urgency and focus on customer satisfaction.

Today, Peikko Canada continues to see substantial growth since its inception thanks to; Peikko Finland’s trust in a “school boy” and continued support, early key members' unwavering belief in Peikko Canada, great manufacturing partners, and especially thanks to Peikko Canada’s exceptional clients.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Peikko Canada’s success! We are looking forward to seeing what's in store for the next 10!