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Slim Floor Structures



Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Surge of Deltabeam Projects in Ontario

From Ottawa to London and from Toronto to Muskoka, from high-rise condo towers to low-rise commercial buildings, deltabeam is present at more Ontario construction sites than ever before. Over a 6 months period, Peikko will have delivered to 12 projects totalling 800 individual beams. End to end, they would stretch 4.6 kilometres! Here are some of the highlights…

Two Hundred – The Beach, Toronto, Condo
This 6 storey condo project incorporates Deltabeam, hollow core slabs and wide flange steel columns. Through the use of Deltabeam, the project has a slim floor across all levels. Multiple cantilevers were also introduced through the use of our specialized beam: in some configurations continuous Deltabeam helped with the design of balconies, while in other cases added steel on the side of Deltabeam facilitated each slab’s edge design.

Structural engineer: Atkins + Van Groll
Architect: Richard Ziegler Architect
Developer: The Riedel Group, Mitchell & Associates
General Contractor: LCL Builds
Hollow core slab supplier: The Prestressed Group

The Village of Erin Meadows, Phase II
Mississauga, Retirement Residence

This 12 storey retirement care and apartment project combines Deltabeam, hollow core slabs and a cast-in-place vertical frame. Deltabeam enabled a 250mm (10 inch) shallow assembly with bay sizes of 11.1 meters X 7.4 meters (36.5 feet X 24 feet). The 2 hour integrated fire rating was essential for the project.

Structural Engineer: Gray & Fick
Architect: Cornerstone Architecture
Developer: Schlegel Communities
General Contractor: McKay-Cocker
Hollow core supplier: Coreslab

Elora Spa, Commercial building 
This commercial project combines Deltabeam with hollow core slabs and HSS steel columns. Deltabeam was called on to provide a fire rated slim floor.

Structural Engineer: MTE Consultants
Architect: Hicks Design Studio
Developer: Pearle Hospitality
Hollow core supplier: Stubbe’s Precast

A complete list of Ontario projects under construction, fall 2016/winter 2017

1. The Azure, 30 storey condo, London
2. Village North, 13 storey condo, London
3. Lakeshore, 3 storey luxury house, Burlington
4. Elora Spa, 3 storey commercial space, Elora
5. Ancaster office, 3 storey office space, Ancaster
6. NCC garage expansion, 3 storey commercial space, Ottawa
7. 1100 Canadian Shield, 6 storey hotel, Ottawa area
8.  Muskoka Lodge, 1 level commercial space, Muskoka
9. 1 Gallie, 4 storey commercial space, Barrie
10. Erin Meadows, 12 storey retirement community, Mississauga
11. 200 Beach, 6 storey condo, Toronto
12. 7 Rossland Road, 2 storey commercial space, Ajax