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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Increased Design Flexibility: Deltabeam Project in Burlington ON

"We went from a few Deltabeams on our first project to over 200 beams on our second" explains Bill Fick from Gray & Fick engineers. "Together with Schlegel Holdings and Cornerstone Architecture, we decided to replace concrete walls with Deltabeam to have a totally flexible concept" Bill adds.
The Deltabeam system is being used for the second time in Burlington ON. It’s also being used for the second time by Schlegel Holdings, a private holding company based out of Kitchener. The Village of Tansley Woods incorporates wide open spaces of up to 22 meters (72’), cantilevered Deltabeams and an integrated 2 hour fire rating with exposed steel.
Deltabeams are on average 7 meters long (23’), hollow core slabs are on average 11 meters long (36’) making the average bay size 7 X 11. Deltabeam being integrated within the slab depth, a 22 meter unobstructed span is possible from one side of Deltabeam to the other (2 X 11 meters).

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A few impressive projects Peikko has done recently around the world

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Stakeholders on the project:

Schlegel Holdings

Gray & Fick Consulting Structural Engineers

Cornerstone Architecture

Oscar construction: general contractor

Alder construction: formwork contractor

Peikko Project Engineer: Pascale Cantin

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


10  Years of History in the Making

Peikko Canada started with one young man’s dream of introducing pre-fabricated slim floor solutions to the North American market.

In 2005, while studying in Europe, Dominic Lemieux came across a revolutionary product that would change his life: Deltabeam®. What struck him most was how quickly this system could be erected and how much money could be saved thanks to this product. He also realized that this type of structure would be perfect for Canada’s cold climate as most of the system is prefabricated and installation onsite is similar to assembling a LEGO® set. 

When Dominic Lemieux learnt that this composite beam was manufactured in Finland by a family-owned company called Peikko, he expressed his interest in introducing Deltabeam® to the Canadian market and a deal was made. After completing an engineering internship at Peikko in Finland as well as a bachelor’s degree in Montreal, Peikko Canada’s “one man show” started on May 22nd, 2007.

In 2008, a first two-storey Deltabeam® project was in the works. A second 5-storey project took place soon after and then came Renaissance II in Ontario, a 28-story project which boosted decision makers’ confidence level to choose Peikko in over 100 projects across Canada. 

The key to Peikko Canada’s success? One man’s boundless optimism and firm belief in Peikko product benefits as well as a dedicated team of professionals with a strong sense of urgency and focus on customer satisfaction.

Today, Peikko Canada continues to see substantial growth since its inception thanks to; Peikko Finland’s trust in a “school boy” and continued support, early key members' unwavering belief in Peikko Canada, great manufacturing partners, and especially thanks to Peikko Canada’s exceptional clients.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Peikko Canada’s success! We are looking forward to seeing what's in store for the next 10!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

PCL Construction Uses Peikko Stud Rail on Toronto High Rise

PCL is currently building two high rise projects in Toronto named Opus and Omega by Concord Park Place. The projects involve a cast in-place concrete structure which incorporates stud rail. Why did PCL choose this product?

Peikko Stud Rails are made up of 2 components: double headed shear studs and a steel strip. The forged studs are simply tack welded onto the steel strip. Once delivered to the job site, stud rails are installed alongside rebar before concreting. 
The key advantage of Peikko Stud Rail is reducing or eliminating a drop panel. Instead of having a large chunk of concrete below the suspended slab, you have a flat ceiling across the entire slab. Stud rail is designed to take punching shear forces in a cast-in-place slab or wall.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Surge of Deltabeam Projects in Ontario

From Ottawa to London and from Toronto to Muskoka, from high-rise condo towers to low-rise commercial buildings, deltabeam is present at more Ontario construction sites than ever before. Over a 6 months period, Peikko will have delivered to 12 projects totalling 800 individual beams. End to end, they would stretch 4.6 kilometres! Here are some of the highlights…

Two Hundred – The Beach, Toronto, Condo
This 6 storey condo project incorporates Deltabeam, hollow core slabs and wide flange steel columns. Through the use of Deltabeam, the project has a slim floor across all levels. Multiple cantilevers were also introduced through the use of our specialized beam: in some configurations continuous Deltabeam helped with the design of balconies, while in other cases added steel on the side of Deltabeam facilitated each slab’s edge design.

Structural engineer: Atkins + Van Groll
Architect: Richard Ziegler Architect
Developer: The Riedel Group, Mitchell & Associates
General Contractor: LCL Builds
Hollow core slab supplier: The Prestressed Group

The Village of Erin Meadows, Phase II
Mississauga, Retirement Residence

This 12 storey retirement care and apartment project combines Deltabeam, hollow core slabs and a cast-in-place vertical frame. Deltabeam enabled a 250mm (10 inch) shallow assembly with bay sizes of 11.1 meters X 7.4 meters (36.5 feet X 24 feet). The 2 hour integrated fire rating was essential for the project.

Structural Engineer: Gray & Fick
Architect: Cornerstone Architecture
Developer: Schlegel Communities
General Contractor: McKay-Cocker
Hollow core supplier: Coreslab

Elora Spa, Commercial building 
This commercial project combines Deltabeam with hollow core slabs and HSS steel columns. Deltabeam was called on to provide a fire rated slim floor.

Structural Engineer: MTE Consultants
Architect: Hicks Design Studio
Developer: Pearle Hospitality
Hollow core supplier: Stubbe’s Precast

A complete list of Ontario projects under construction, fall 2016/winter 2017

1. The Azure, 30 storey condo, London
2. Village North, 13 storey condo, London
3. Lakeshore, 3 storey luxury house, Burlington
4. Elora Spa, 3 storey commercial space, Elora
5. Ancaster office, 3 storey office space, Ancaster
6. NCC garage expansion, 3 storey commercial space, Ottawa
7. 1100 Canadian Shield, 6 storey hotel, Ottawa area
8.  Muskoka Lodge, 1 level commercial space, Muskoka
9. 1 Gallie, 4 storey commercial space, Barrie
10. Erin Meadows, 12 storey retirement community, Mississauga
11. 200 Beach, 6 storey condo, Toronto
12. 7 Rossland Road, 2 storey commercial space, Ajax

Friday, February 24, 2017

Peikko Canada Now Offering Free On Demand Virtual Courses

If you are an architect, engineer, estimator or general contractor interested in continued education, Peikko Canada is now offering an on demand virtual HSW AIA accredited course on Composite Structures as well as a general presentation on Slim Floor Structures. If interested, please message us for more information.

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Tallest Residential Tower in London, Ontario

The Deltabeam system is being used once again in London, Ontario. The Azure, a high rise condo project in the heart of downtown London, will be the tallest residential tower in the city. Through the use of Deltabeam, the architect was able to maximize vertical space and make the most of this valuable real estate. 

One of the key partners for this project was HGS Ltd structural engineers. HGS stood out on The Azure through detailed design and focus on customer satisfaction. ‘’For The Azure, we wanted to continue designing with Deltabeam and precast concrete ’’ states Medhat Ghabrial, VP and founder of HGS. ‘’ With Deltabeam, we were able to design a quality structure built within a tight schedule’’.

The Tricar Group, a London based company, is a large size builder with over 5000 condo/apartment units already built. Construction is underway on Azure, Tricar’s latest high rise tower. Azure is a 30 story building which incorporates a combination of hollow core slabs and Deltabeam. The hollow core supplier for the structure of Azure is Stubbe’s Precast. 

Written by: Mark Johanson, Building Structure Advisor