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Slim Floor Structures



Thursday, March 12, 2015

Glasshouse: Slim Floor High Rise

Peikko Canada has been awarded the 21 storey Glasshouse condo project in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba. Thanks to the innovative, forward thinking engineers at Crosier Kilgour & Partners, the landmark will include exposed ceilings and impressive cantilevers.

For the first time in Manitoba, Deltabeam will require no additional fire protection thanks to newly obtained ULC fire rating. This innovation by Peikko will make the exposed ceiling possible.

The 8" slim floor on each level of Glasshouse will give tenants maximum head room and help make the building more efficient. The entire project will require nearly 1.9 kilometers (1.2 miles) of Deltabeam .

Construction of the project is now officially underway and work is rapidly proceeding. Bockstael's Site Superintendent Bernie Roy is pleased to see how well all the pieces fit together thanks to Peikko's PCs Corbel Connection. Peikko's patented connection allows Deltabeam to simply be dropped in place without welding or bolting which saves time especially during winter construction. "It's surprising to see how easy it is" Roy says, "you just drop the Deltabeam on the corbels and you're done".

From left to right: Scott Vermiere (Bockstael), Bernie Roy (Bockstael) and Marty Poirier (Haywood Concrete Products).

To accommodate the cantilever balconies, Bockstael and Crosier Kilgour developed an innovative solution to minimize the thermal bridge while taking into consideration issues related to condensation.

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