Slim Floor Structures

Slim Floor Structures



Monday, November 16, 2015

Manshield Introduces a New Way of Building Supportive Living Facilities

Redstone Supportive Living Facility will be home to 250 residents in the northeast community of Redstone in 2016. This precast concrete construction will provide a safe and quiet environment to all its residents while providing a durable building for its owner.

The construction of the Redstone Supportive Living Facility started during summer 2015 and the entire base building will already be enclosed by the end of November this year. The assisted living project is built using 8” hollowcore slabs supported by Peikko’s Deltabeam and load bearing precast walls. The precast walls on the perimeter of the building act as the architectural cladding and include a 3” high density extruded polystyrene insulation. 

Height Restriction
Due to the height restriction imposed by the city of Calgary on this particular lot, each floor had to be as thin as possible. With this in mind, Bill Leblanc, Senior Sales Engineer at Armtec, thought of proposing Deltabeam as an alternative to precast concrete beams to support the hollowcore slabs. On the Redstone Supportive Living Facility, Deltabeam contributed to maintain the four floors of the building under the imposed height restriction while helping with the coordination of the mechanical systems, especially duct work. 

Speed of construction
Covenant Care’s latest project is sizable with over 200000 ft2 of living area yet the entire superstructure will have taken only three months to erect. With two cranes on site Armtec is flying components in place at an incredible speed says Kevin Juby, Operations Manager & Principal at Manshield Construction: “Constructing a building of this magnitude in this short amount of time can only be done with a prefabricated system” states Juby. 

Service and Lead Time
As with all construction projects lead time is always critical. In the case of the Redstone Supportive Living Facility, Peikko was only given 4 weeks to get the first 24 beams on site. “Our supply chain was really put to the test on this project. We have spent years helping our manufacturing partners increase their production capacity and quality. They didn’t disappoint us in this project.” Says Dominic Colpron, Project Manager for Peikko Canada. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Structural Engineer of Ottawa Condo Project Eliminates Drop Panels

460 St. Laurent, a luxury condo project by Brigil Real Estate Development, broke ground in Ottawa this year. The project is comprised of 13 residential floors, all of which are designed incorporating Peikko stud rail. Thanks to innovators at Goodeve Manhire Partners (structural engineers), most drop panels in the cast-in-place structure were eliminated. 

"Drop panels are expensive" explains Yves Taillefer, director of estimating and design at Brigil. "We like stud rails because we can save money and time on formwork while helping our architects and engineers with their design" adds Mr. Taillefer. Indeed a slim concrete floor gives more freedom to designers: especially in projects with exposed concrete ceilings. 

For more details on Peikko Stud Rail:

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Innovative Steel Beam allows for Additional Level on New Office Project

The Victoria Place office building in Whitby, ON incorporates an innovative steel beam which allowed for an additional floor on the project. Through the use of Deltabeam® in conjunction with hollow core slabs, David Mills of Mills & Associates was able to reduce the thickness of the concrete floor. In turn, the complete shallow floor made it possible to fit 3 levels within the municipal height limitation.

‘’We were able to add square footage to the building and ultimately, increase the future revenue of our customer’’ says David Mills. ‘’Traditional wide flange beams would have protruded below the precast slabs, making it impossible to fit 3 storeys within the height limitation’’.

The composite slim floor used on Victoria Place eliminated the structural encumbrances typically found on a mid-rise office project. With no steel beams protruding below the precast floor, the project saw not only an additional floor, but also a seamless coordination between structure and mechanical systems.  

‘‘Integrated fire rating combined with easy placement of rebar accelerated the construction of the project’’ adds architect David Mills. Indeed, Deltabeam® has an integrated fire rating of 2 hours: no fire protection is required, the bottom plate of the beam can remain exposed. Additionally, transversal rebar is simply dropped through the beam in the beam web holes: rebar welding is not required. The combination of these features helps speed up construction. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Stud Rail Projects in Ontario this Spring

Peikko was recently awarded several stud rail projects in Ontario

Princess Lane Lofts (Kitchener)
Designed by Blackwell Structural Engineers

Among these projects: 
  • 236 Richmond Road (Ottawa)
    Designed by Goodeve Manhire Partners
  • Stirling Park (Ottawa)
    Designed by Goodeve Manhire Partners
  • Tamarack Wellington Condo (Ottawa)
    Designed by Halsall Associates
  • Millen Shores Condo (Hamilton)
    Designed by RJC Consulting Engineers
  • Princess Lane Lofts (Kitchener)
    Designed by Blackwell Structural Engineers

Through the use of Peikko Stud Rail, the innovative structural engineers mentioned above were able to improve the design of their concrete structures. The advantage: eliminate drop panels under the concrete slab. The outcome: exposed concrete ceilings and improved coordination with HVAC systems.  

Stirling Park (Ottawa)
Designed by Goodeve Manhire Partners

‘’We now use Stud Rail regularly on our projects’’ explains Peter Goodeve, partner at Goodeve Manhire Partners. ‘’Client satisfaction is our priority, which is why we are keen on eliminating column capitals’’ says Peter. Indeed, developers and architects alike are increasingly designing apartment buildings with exposed ceilings. Absence of column capitals allow for greater flexibility with architectural ceiling layouts and with mechanical layout. Use of stud rails are usually more cost effective in flat slab construction than capitals.

The Ottawa projects mentioned above are with AGF-Raymond rebar. ''Peikko is a reliable supplier: they are focused on project management to deliver on time'' says Christian Witt, General Manager at AGF-Raymond. AGF group is one of the largest reinforcing steel companies in Canada and operates 13 locations across Ontario.

Tamarack Wellington Condo (Ottawa) 
Designed by Halsall Associates 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Flexible Design with Hollow Core Slabs: Deltabeam Project

The new Deltabeam building system is being used for the first time in Ottawa, Ontario. For this multi-storey apartment project, Deltabeam has provided a considerable advantage: increased design flexibility. Among other features, the building incorporates an architecturally challenging fa├žade, complex geometry and a slim floor structure requirement.  

‘’Deltabeam solved many of our design challenges: the system enabled us to minimize the depth of our structure’’ explains Leonard Koffman, lead architect for 80 Bolton. Indeed, Deltabeam is designed to fit within the precast floor. Hollow core slabs land on the bottom plate of the beam, which allows the floor structure to have the same thickness throughout. In the case of Bolton, the uniform floor depth is 8’’ + 2’’ topping. 

One of the key partners for this project was Beaudoin Construction. Beaudoin shined on Bolton street through rigorous project management and focus on customer satisfaction. ‘’ For Bolton, we wanted to increase the speed of construction with a concrete structure ’’ states Denis Stocker, VP Business Development at Beaudoin. ‘’ With Deltabeam, we were able to deliver a quality structure built within a tight schedule’’.

A hollow core structure is quick and easy to install. With minimum concrete poured at the job site, this structural system is mostly produced at a precast plant and simply lifted into place onsite. While speed of construction is second to none, hollow core sometimes faces one major challenge: design flexibility. On the Bolton Street project in Ottawa, Deltabeam made it possible to take advantage of the increased speed of construction of hollow core while maximizing design flexibility. The architecturally demanding facade was achieved through the cantilever of the Deltabeam (see picture below). The complex geometry of the building (set back on the third level) was managed with Deltabeam transfer beams. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Deltabeam is a solution for Parking Structures

Peikko Connections: Car parks vs. car parks. Deltabeam is a solution.: This is a picture taken by my colleague in Beverly Hills, California, next to Macy´s department store. Build very recently.     These...

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Glasshouse: Slim Floor High Rise

Peikko Canada has been awarded the 21 storey Glasshouse condo project in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba. Thanks to the innovative, forward thinking engineers at Crosier Kilgour & Partners, the landmark will include exposed ceilings and impressive cantilevers.

For the first time in Manitoba, Deltabeam will require no additional fire protection thanks to newly obtained ULC fire rating. This innovation by Peikko will make the exposed ceiling possible.

The 8" slim floor on each level of Glasshouse will give tenants maximum head room and help make the building more efficient. The entire project will require nearly 1.9 kilometers (1.2 miles) of Deltabeam .

Construction of the project is now officially underway and work is rapidly proceeding. Bockstael's Site Superintendent Bernie Roy is pleased to see how well all the pieces fit together thanks to Peikko's PCs Corbel Connection. Peikko's patented connection allows Deltabeam to simply be dropped in place without welding or bolting which saves time especially during winter construction. "It's surprising to see how easy it is" Roy says, "you just drop the Deltabeam on the corbels and you're done".

From left to right: Scott Vermiere (Bockstael), Bernie Roy (Bockstael) and Marty Poirier (Haywood Concrete Products).

To accommodate the cantilever balconies, Bockstael and Crosier Kilgour developed an innovative solution to minimize the thermal bridge while taking into consideration issues related to condensation.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Peikko Supplies Stud Rail for the EAU project

Peikko is currently supplying stud rail for the EAU condo project just north of Montreal. Through the use of stud rail, the Cholette Group (developer of the project) was able to reduce the concrete slab thickness and offer exposed concrete ceilings to their customers. The resulting slim floor also enabled easy coordination of mechanical systems throughout the building.